The Adventures of Lumi Nary Light

Released August 11th!

The Adventures of Lumi Nary Light, A Fairy Tale of a Teeny Tiny Angel ©

The Adventures of Lumi Nary Light


Lumi, a teeny tiny angel, has to earn her wings by bringing Betsy and Sammy safely back home by dawn. They ran away and can’t find their way back home. Now they’re trapped in evil dark woods. Lumi takes them on sparkly magic trips they’ll never forget and fights evil forces trying to stop her.

Join the adventures when Lumi takes them on magical trips to meet the Good Spirit, the Water Sprites, Twink the star, the Sun and the Moon, and even teaches Betsy and Sammy how to meditate and visualize.

Will Lumi get Betsy and Sammy home by dawn and earn her wings? Or will they be trapped in the dark woods forever?

The Adventures of Lumi Nary Light

A delightful children’s book from Sonya Haramis, award winning author, for young readers ages 5-8 beautifully told with loving lessons of wonder and magic.

Mom's Choice Awards Distinguished Honoree
Mom’s Choice Awards Distinguished Honoree

The Mom’s Choice Awards® has named The Adventures of Lumi Nary Light A Fairy Tale of a Teeny Tiny Angel, written and illustrated by Sonya Haramis, among the best in family-friendly media, products and services. The Award for this book is for Fantasy, Myths & Legends for ages 5-8.

The Adventures of Lumi Nary Light A Fairy Tale of a Teeny Tiny Angel has also won USA Best Books 2011 Award Winner for Children’s Fiction, and Award-Winning Finalist in Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit, and Creative Child Magazine: 2011 Creative Child Awards Program, a 2011 Preferred Choice Award, Books for Kids category.

Available through or New Leaf, and at local bookstores including Pilgrim’s Way, Carmel, CA, Luminata Books & Gifts, Monterey, CA, and Hickelbee’s in San Jose, CA!

USA Best Books Award Winner for Children's Fiction, and Award Finalist for Children's Mind/Body/Spirit
USA Best Books Award Winner for Children’s Fiction, and Award Finalist for Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit


“Three Cheers for Lumi Nary Light  – A heartwarming, gently told tale of a tiny, courageous angel helping two lost children find their way home. The whimsical journey is filled with life’s important lessons of courage, trust and love. A timeless and endearing story that all young children would enjoy.
– Kay Huettmann

“A delightful story to read to my god children. An adventure of a tiny angel earning her wings and her two charges, Betsy and Sammy. A great story to use your different voices with and a story that can be read over several days. I enjoyed how Lumi teaches Betsy and Sammy how to meditate and how they meet new friends in nature, the water sprites, Twink, the Good Tree and the Wind. I know my god kids will want me to read this story over and over… Sonya Haramis has captured the goodness and honesty of children and brought them to life in this adventure.
– Linda Patrick

“All of Sonya’s books have deeply touched my heart. She is a gifted writer whose stories will leave the world a better place. Her books sprinkle seeds of empowerment, possibility, adventure, compassion, kindness and heart-centered spirituality all over the reader. The stories will uplift your spirit, leave you smiling and seeing more beauty in the world.
– spreadthelove

“…Sonya Haramis will establish herself as one of the great spiritual storytellers of our time…
– Liz Illgen, for New Age Retailer

“Lumi Nary Light” is a book for our times and very much needed for our children. We, as a civilization, are in the midst of a revelation where the old paradigms no longer fit or make sense. Caught in between the old and anticipating the new age, stories to awaken our children to a new paradigm is so crucial. Lumi and her two little friends are off on an adventure which the children hadn’t planned. Along the way, they meet many unexpected friends who help them – like a humming bird, the moon, rocks, sprites of the water world just to name a few. In essence, it opens up our children’s minds to the awakening consciousness in which all things carry a vibration and a part of Spirit. If we are to progress as a humanity, it is imperative that we learn to live as one with all that is around us and remember to honor all things and beings as a gift from Spirit. Lumi Nary Light does just that and more! Although the book is noted to be for 5-8 year olds, I read it to my ten year old. It’s a wonderful book to stimulate a discussion about the All That Is!

– Susan Oros, M.A. mother of three; two with developmental disabilities and one typical child. Breast cancer survivor.

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