Keeping The Path Lit – Sonya Haramis Internet Radio Show

Keeping The Path Lit

“Keeping the Path Lit” on Sedona Talk Radio

About the Show

Inspire listeners to have hope, see life in a new way, and love one another. Share dreams, wishes, hopes, and intentions. Help the audience part the veil between Heaven and Earth, and know that help and guidance are always available to us if we can still ourselves long enough to listen deeply.

Stars hold, carry, and reflect the light. We can be that light and the guiding northern star for one another–the guiding light we search for in the darkest of nights. There is still light in the world. Let’s be a compassionate beacon that others look toward, and keep the path of life lit for one another.

Listen to Sonya’s online radio show on Sedona Talk Radio.  Her inspirational guests have included Dannion Brinkley, Lynn Andrews, Marc Allen, Arielle Ford, Dan Millman, and Dom De Luise.

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